Supporting Women's Energy Club Ukraine

Updated on 2022-06-14

What is the Women’s Energy Club of Ukraine (WECU)?

WECU is a non-governmental organization established to unite women working in the energy sector, to create a platform for dialogue and to increase the proportion of women employed in the sector.

As a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, elderly people, women and children suffer the most from the cruel actions. Therefore, WECU considers it necessary to help particularly vulnerable groups to adapt to the new living conditions.

In Ukraine, there are many female professionals in the energy sector who were forced to save their children’s lives, leave their homes and seek refuge outside their country.

I am collecting up-to-date information about employment opportunities for Ukrainian women in the energy sector in Germany and Europe.


WECU members have found refuge in the following countries:

Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

Here you find a list of women professionals looking for a job placement

Do you know of an energy network for women in these countries? WECU and I would appreciate it if you could share our request on your respective social networks.

Do you have employment opportunities to offer?

If yes, please feel free to contact me with the following profile:

  • Company Name
  • Offered position (+ weblink)
  • Trusted Contact Person in the Company
  • Skill requirements
  • Language requirements
  • Location
  • Additional Information

Are you working with a german-based company that wants to expand their support?

If yes, please get in touch with the initiative WE United for Ukraine which is part of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership.

Would you like to get involved and support local women?

One of the first things they need is reliable information about registration and residency.

How does it work?

I currently take the role as a “middle-woman” or network connector if you may say. Please send all job offers and support offers to this email address.

I will pass the information on to the WECU organizers who will then disseminate it to their network. Once we have a match, WECU will contact the contact person at the company and/or the person offering further support.


If you do not want your personal contact information shared in the WECU network, please let me know in your email. We will find a way to establish direct contact.

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