Hi, I'm an engineer from Berlin!

I have expertise in different fields of renewable energy and mechanical engineering. The projects I worked with included heatpumps, CHP, storage solutions, cooling systems, solar thermal, wave and wind energy systems.

Renewable Energies are necessary to ensure a sustainable future. As an engineer I believe in innovative energy management and concepts to integrate energy efficient technology in our daily life.

I'm an open-minded person who loves to study and implement new technologies and approaches. The balance between scientific research and applied technology is important to me.

I advocate for equal opportunities for all genders. As a member of "hypatia - Frauennetzwerk Erneuerbare Energien und Cleantech e.V." and "Women of New Energies e.V." I am part of a growing network of amazing women supporting each other in the professional context.

Portait photo of Eva-Christin